Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby - Ministry Goals - Crosby, TX
Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby - "Restoring the Foundation of Man"

Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby Ministry Goals

The vision of Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby is to restore the foundation of men by providing a combination of a faith-based and substance abuse recovery program. N.W.O.C. utilizes open-mindedness, friendship and  an uplifting message and promises to be a home base for the Residents. to start their spiritual journey and to find their energy within themselves. "  But if anyone has the world's goods and see his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? 1 John 3:17 

It is our goal for each Resident to..... 

  • Be willing to submit to the 90-day Program

  • Understand and admit the Challenge
                   Learn himself from the inside out

  • Gain a respect for the Word of God

  • Become men of faithfulness
                   Fall in Love with Jesus

  • Become men of integrity
                  Develop Spiritual and Emotional Maturity

  • Become men of character
                  Be a Blessing to Others

  • Become men of Excellence

  • Recognize and accept accountability and responsibility for their decisions

  • Achieve victory over life controlling issues and prevent their re-occurrence by yielding daily to the enabling power of the Holy Spirit

  • To have a person desire to be free from the dependency of chemicals

Upon completion of the 90-day Program, it is N.W.O.C 's hope that the Resident, family  members and friends are now equipped to handle the mechanics of rebuilding their lives as they begin to handle life's day-to-day through the challenges . This will prepare them for a speedy integration into the social mainstream of his sphere of influence through instill the Biblical principles  for change.

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