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Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby - "Restoring the Foundation of Man"

                   About  Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby                            

Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby was founded by Sandra Francois-Murphy and Robert Murphy in 2010 . It was given to us as a vision from the Lord to open our doors and welcome those who are in need of restoration. This facility is like the potters house , we want the Lord to put you back together again. The house sits on about 1.5 acres of land and has great potential for growth. The area is quiet and open filled with the love of The Lord and prayer for the recovery and restoration. This facility is a non-profit faith-based corporation and funding is strictly by private donations and contribution of generous partners as you

A Place for You to Grow

With open-mindedness, friendship and an uplifting message, Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby promises to be a home base for you to start your spiritual journey. We'll help you find the energy from within .
Our Program

N.W.O.C is a 90-day in house substance abuse program for males 18 and older who struggles with chemical dependency . Our goal is to teach our Residents how to live free from addiction . This  freedom comes from a change of attitude, change of associates, a change of activities, and from living by the power of the Holy Spirit.

 Criteria for acceptance:
  • Respect for the Word of God.
  • Personal desires  to be free from dependency of chemicals .
  • Willing to submit to the  90-day program.
  • Negative ; HIV, Hepatitis A,B,C and TB skin test ( taken within 30 days of admission )

N.W.O.C provides the residents with an atmosphere that builds self-confidence and Godly image.  The number one goal is to prepare the Residents for re-integration into the social mainstream of life through instilling the Biblical principles for change. Not losing sight that the family and friends are guided in handling the mechanics of rebuilding their day-to-day life through the challenges.  

N.W.O.C  will not accept applicants who are under a doctor's care for  psychological condition that is drug- related.


The theme of rebuilding Jerusalem's wall is connected with the Book of Nehemiah.We should understand that the wall symbolically represents the community of God's people. The wall creates their identity because by it they are protected and joined with on another . We are called to be servants to one another, our brothers' keeper.


This facility is a non-profit faith-based corporation and funding is strictly by private donations and contribution of  generous partners as you .
Become a partner in Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby Ministry , and remember no donation is too small; because , each donation is a blessing. You will receive our newsletter" The Wall's Journal" each month, to see the events of testimonies of staff, donors and Residents . Thank you in advance; this is not done for us it is done for the Glory of God  

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